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Spam email overload

Spam has to do with the public exposure of your email - Where you email is listed online, including your domain registration, as well as hat you "subscribe" to that gets you on lists and when you "unsubscribe" to things you didn't subscribe to that places you on a list of "active" email victims.

Spammers are a moving target. We use a spam filter but once a spammer's source is identified, they move to a new one. Some things you don't want will always get through.

1 Don't post your email on your web site. Use a form. When using a form, block automated spam sources by employing a CAPTCHA. To do that I need to access your Wordpress logins, which you can provide or you can request that I reset the logins for you.
2 Don't expose your email address in your domain registration. You have that base covered with ID protection on all of your registered domains.
3 Don't "unsubscribe" from emails you didn't subscribe to.
4 Use alias emails so you can shut down any email address is being used by spammers to reach you ( When subscribing NEVER use your login email address.

We also provide alternative (paid) email providers with support through ENOM, providing for 12 GB of storage on a separate server with dedicated email support.

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